ASCEND Competency Standards

The ASCEND Competency Standards identifies the key features of work in selected disaster management professions and performance standards professionals need to meet to be deemed competent. It also provides the list of the forty-three (43) core and technical competencies that serve as the basis for defining the regionally recognised disaster management qualifications across the ASEAN Member States.

ASCEND Standard Operating Procedure

The ASCEND Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) defines the basis of ASCEND. It describes the institutional arrangements and mechanisms, along with the details of the certification procedures.

ASEAN Guiding Principles for Quality Assurance and Recognition of Competency Certification Systems

This ASEAN Guiding Principles aims to provide the basis for developing trust and understanding of national frameworks and competency certification systems of all ASEAN Member States and to provide principles and protocols for developing processes for recognition of these systems. Synergy with the ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF) was taken into consideration in the production of this ASEAN Guiding Principles as it is expected to complement the AQRF.

ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework

The ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) is a common reference framework that functions as a tool to enable comparisons of qualifications across ASEAN Member States. The AQRF addresses education and training sectors as well as the wider objective of promoting lifelong learning.

ASCEND Brochure

Digital brochure that describes the ASCEND Programme. 

The project “Operationalising the ASEAN Standards and Certification for Experts in Disaster Management (ASCEND)” is part of the AADMER Work Programme 2021-2025, and will contribute to the realisation of
ASEAN’s goal to become a global leader in disaster management by 2025, as articulated in the ASEAN Vision 2025 on Disaster Management.
The AHA Centre implements the ASCEND development project in collaboration with the Korean National Fire Agency (KNFA), and with support from the ASEAN Secretariat and the Government of the Republic of Korea.

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