“The AHA Centre has proven to be the backbone for assisting cooperation activities among Member States in responding to natural disasters. I believe the AHA Centre will even be stronger through our cooperation to build resilience of the ASEAN Community.”

— Van Phu Chinh —

Viet Nam

“Thailand is proud to be part of the establishment of the AHA Centre during Thailand’s chairmanship of the ACDM. In the past 5 years, we have seen the AHA Centre grows from birth to be an active, young, handsome boy who now becomes the star of the show. I would like to see the AHA Centre positions itself as the world-class disaster management and coordinating centre in the world. We would like to see ASEAN flags showing our big heart in times of distress around the world.”

— Chainarong Vasanasomsith —


“The most memorable moment for me was the actual establishment of the AHA Centre itself. For everyone involved, the long years of hard work was finally paid off. Many years after, when the AHA Centre becomes able to coordinate resources and get support from partners to help people in need, it has been really fulfilling to see. We realise that having this coordinating centre helps a lot.”

— Lee Yam Ming —


“We wish the AHA Centre all the best. More power. May we continue to respond to disasters as one. We continue to join you as One ASEAN One Response.”

— Rosario T. Cabrera —

The Philippines

“Now that ASEAN is aiming to be involved at the global level, a strong institution like the AHA Centre becomes even more important.”

— Nwet Yin Aye —